Deep Sea Fishing

Living in New England has many attractions including activities for the whole family, one of which is deep-sea fishing. The New England coast offers various excellent opportunities for those who love the challenge of deep-sea fishing. With an abundance of fishing charters available in New England, it has become a fisherman’s paradise.

For those visiting New England, and who have never gone fishing before, there are a variety of options. Some of the commonly available fish in the New England area are striped bass, black sea bass, tautog, bluefish, scup, weakfish, winter flounder, summer flounder, mackerel, false albacore, haddock, halibut and many more.

Beginning anglers might try surf casting at Half Mile Beach in Maine. June and July are the best times to go for the striped bass that are drawn there by the warmer waters flowing from Little River in Reid State Park. But for the best bass fishing from shore, longtime residents recommend Wachusett Reservoir near Worcester, Massachusetts. Large and smallmouth bass swim the well-protected shores along the eight mile long body of water. But if it’s trout you’re after, try the headwaters of the north-flowing Otter Creek, the longest and largest river system in Vermont. Rainbow and brown trout are stocked there twice a year.

Leland Fondow has been fishing since he was a child and now he and his children regularly go fishing. It has become a popular family activity to go fishing to see who bags the biggest catch. And when they do, the family relaxes and has a delicious meal of freshly caught fish.


Simple Exercises to Stay Fit

Exercising every day is important if you want to have a healthy body. When most of the jobs we do are sedentary, it is very important that we start doing some exercises every day so that we don’t become overweight. If you are busy with work and don’t have the time to go to a gym, these few tips will help you exercise and stay fit.

Walk-Out Push-Ups
The walk-out push-up targets multiple muscle groups and accelerates the heart rate. Stand with your feet apart (hip width distance) and slowly bend forward from the hips and stretch your hands to the floor. Once your hands touch the floor, begin to walk your hands forward until you are in the push-up position. Do one full push-up and walk your hands back again towards your feet, slowly rolling your spine up until you are back in the standing position. Don’t get discouraged if you cannot complete it the first time. Keep working at it and you will be able to perform the exercise.

Standard Squats
Stand upright with your weight evenly distributed on both your feet, keep your back straight and your chest high, and engage the glutes as you perform squats. Squats are great for the glutes, and legs. You can do squats anywhere – at the office, garden or home – without having to go to the gym.

Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks are an old exercise that has made its way back into the fitness world. Plyometric exercises are great when it comes to functional fitness. Because people wear shoes most of the time, the neurotransmitters in the feet become sedentary. An activity like jumping jacks can awaken them and help benefit various muscle groups in the body. Jumping jacks are also great if you are looking for a nice cardio workout.

Leland Fondow exercises regularly and goes for short walks a couple of times a week

Building a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Family

Growing up as a young adult, one of the hardest things to transition into was a healthy lifestyle. Leaving the house and moving out into the world on your own, crucial self-development had to be learned such as dieting, exercise, and taking care of hygiene to promote a better future. This usually takes young adults years to learn, and even longer to master. Unfortunately, it never ends for the family person, as the kids present new and more difficult challenges to health.

Instead of focusing and managing the health and development of one body, you now have the sole responsibility of promoting and maintaining the health of all of your kids, as well as encouraging the same to be done for the rest of your family. This may seem like a challenge to pursue, but for the right-minded person, all it takes is a little bit of family synergy and the will to make better lifestyles for yourself and others.

Teamwork has a lot to do with the success of a group, and this doesn’t fall short within a household. Bringing your kids and changing their lifestyle through having them observe yours is a great way to get them started on the right track. But it doesn’t stop there, as having them watch isn’t enough. Go the extra mile, and find activities that put them in the habit of making a healthier life! Leland Fondow takes his wife and his three children to play tennis at least twice a week, hoping that the activity will not only bring the family together, but will also give them a seed to use in a healthy lifestyle later on.

How Important is Commitment to Your Career?

An old saying goes that a woodpecker can peck one time into ten thousand trees and receive nothing, or peck ten thousand times into one tree and get dinner. This statement goes much deeper into a life than one could ever imagine, and the faster a professional grasps this concept, the better a career will thrive in the direction of success. Finding a sense of commitment in the work that you do will help sharpen your skills, and become the most important element in your professional personality.

The direction that you are going can change your future, but only if you give it enough attention to get the job done. This is true in any industry that you find yourself in, and believe it or not, anyone can become anything that they choose to be, at any time, simply by following the principles underlined in commitment. Going that extra mile, and choosing to stay late to learn instead of going home early, all of these lead to gold in the future. A career that chooses to flow with the strength of commitment will lose the negativity, and will be entirely designed to benefit you, your career, and those around you.

This is true for financial advisor, Leland Fondow, who pursued 21 years with Fidelity Investments in Boston, working his way to the top, and never letting go of the momentum that he created. He fought every year, even after securing himself as one of the best consultants in the department, and left with three awards, and the title as one of the top ten departmental advisors every year that he started. This kind of success can only be made through hard work and the choice to consistently choose the same path, all of which leading to the same common goal.

The Fight Against Homelessness Continues

Unemployment has been the bane of this hidden demographic, and while the government can do little to support them under the political gridlock between democrats and republicans, the truth continues to remain clear: homeless citizens are scattered all over the US, and will keep struggling to live until the nation does something about it. The reality of losing a home, car, or identity would seem like an impossible nightmare to most comfortable citizens, but this is a daily happening in almost every major city in America. The fight against homelessness is on, and the battle is raging more than ever before.

Small economic waves may do little to harm those who are doing well, but for the homeless, it can mean the difference between having a meal and going weeks without eating. The US has been working to give opportunity for those without privilege the chance to start over, like the Nordic countries and their safety net, but unfortunately no progress has been made by Congress. Many organizations are gathering together to help feed them, clothe them, and give them the comfort and shelter that they need to continue living.

Pike Street Foundation is a Boston organization that helps homeless people in the Boston area find homes for them to live in. One member, Leland Fondow, is not only a regular donator, but a 25-year specialist in personal financial advising for those in need. He works with his clients to create successful futures, but he also helps homeless people in his area find better solutions for their situation. People like him are working towards defeating homelessness completely, and need the help of the entire nation to lift up the cause that means so much to so many citizens.

Leland Fondow – Going From a Corporate Advisor to an Independent Advisor

It is every professional’s dream to break the veil of climbing the corporate ladder, and find their own place to be as an independent worker or a contractor. After decades of sharpening their own skill, the opportunity to branch out into their own career sounds like a dream, and for most people, it is. Unfortunately, though people gather the resources necessary to start as an independent professional, none of them make the commitment to take action and start on their own. The option is there for many of these hardworking individuals, yet they do not keep the open mind needed to make that successful transition.

Transforming a career takes the right timing, and the right elements to be in place to ensure that the next step will be prosperous. In order to make it as an independent consultant, it takes an established and loyal pool of clientele that would be willing to make the transition and still see the same results. Maintaining an effective service as an independent is necessary to make sure that the clients will keep coming, and that the reputation will build after the corporate ladder is left.

Some careers grow the power to make this change within a couple of successful years, while others take extensive industry experience. Depending on the type of service, it could take decades to build the right clientele for the job. Leland Fondow, an independent financial advisor that left Fidelity after 21 years of work, held 25 years of industry experience on his belt before he made the decisions to detach from the corporate path and make it on his own.

Sharing With the Community

Founded in 1969 Pine St. in has been an incredible charity group that has served more than 1600 homeless individuals daily to better assist them in becoming independent and into their own home. Pine Street Inn started almost 4 decades ago with the mission of helping the homeless find shelter and meet the goals of finding a stable lifestyle through employment and self-sufficiency. At first they treated a great deal of men that were suffering from alcoholism and introducing them to sobriety and employment offers to help them reestablish their path in life. The charity group has now expanded to serve and help over 1600 men and women each day. The program strives to help all who are included to make permanent housing and employment reality. The foundation has become a major contributor to assisting many in Boston and surrounding areas. The program has incorporated various ways to assist in their mission to help others. Besides just having housing and shelter, there is job training and placement. This has been a very successful way for many to be accepted by local businesses for a chance to be employed by giving proper training within their own facilities. There’s the food services program which is self-sustaining the meals for everybody in the program. Building maintenance and training where facilities are maintained through the trainees themselves. Pine Street in does has its charity fundraisers from time to time. Leland Fondow donates monthly and is proud of the work they do for their city.