How Important is Commitment to Your Career?

An old saying goes that a woodpecker can peck one time into ten thousand trees and receive nothing, or peck ten thousand times into one tree and get dinner. This statement goes much deeper into a life than one could ever imagine, and the faster a professional grasps this concept, the better a career will thrive in the direction of success. Finding a sense of commitment in the work that you do will help sharpen your skills, and become the most important element in your professional personality.

The direction that you are going can change your future, but only if you give it enough attention to get the job done. This is true in any industry that you find yourself in, and believe it or not, anyone can become anything that they choose to be, at any time, simply by following the principles underlined in commitment. Going that extra mile, and choosing to stay late to learn instead of going home early, all of these lead to gold in the future. A career that chooses to flow with the strength of commitment will lose the negativity, and will be entirely designed to benefit you, your career, and those around you.

This is true for financial advisor, Leland Fondow, who pursued 21 years with Fidelity Investments in Boston, working his way to the top, and never letting go of the momentum that he created. He fought every year, even after securing himself as one of the best consultants in the department, and left with three awards, and the title as one of the top ten departmental advisors every year that he started. This kind of success can only be made through hard work and the choice to consistently choose the same path, all of which leading to the same common goal.