The Fight Against Homelessness Continues

Unemployment has been the bane of this hidden demographic, and while the government can do little to support them under the political gridlock between democrats and republicans, the truth continues to remain clear: homeless citizens are scattered all over the US, and will keep struggling to live until the nation does something about it. The reality of losing a home, car, or identity would seem like an impossible nightmare to most comfortable citizens, but this is a daily happening in almost every major city in America. The fight against homelessness is on, and the battle is raging more than ever before.

Small economic waves may do little to harm those who are doing well, but for the homeless, it can mean the difference between having a meal and going weeks without eating. The US has been working to give opportunity for those without privilege the chance to start over, like the Nordic countries and their safety net, but unfortunately no progress has been made by Congress. Many organizations are gathering together to help feed them, clothe them, and give them the comfort and shelter that they need to continue living.

Pike Street Foundation is a Boston organization that helps homeless people in the Boston area find homes for them to live in. One member, Leland Fondow, is not only a regular donator, but a 25-year specialist in personal financial advising for those in need. He works with his clients to create successful futures, but he also helps homeless people in his area find better solutions for their situation. People like him are working towards defeating homelessness completely, and need the help of the entire nation to lift up the cause that means so much to so many citizens.


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