Leland Fondow – Going From a Corporate Advisor to an Independent Advisor

It is every professional’s dream to break the veil of climbing the corporate ladder, and find their own place to be as an independent worker or a contractor. After decades of sharpening their own skill, the opportunity to branch out into their own career sounds like a dream, and for most people, it is. Unfortunately, though people gather the resources necessary to start as an independent professional, none of them make the commitment to take action and start on their own. The option is there for many of these hardworking individuals, yet they do not keep the open mind needed to make that successful transition.

Transforming a career takes the right timing, and the right elements to be in place to ensure that the next step will be prosperous. In order to make it as an independent consultant, it takes an established and loyal pool of clientele that would be willing to make the transition and still see the same results. Maintaining an effective service as an independent is necessary to make sure that the clients will keep coming, and that the reputation will build after the corporate ladder is left.

Some careers grow the power to make this change within a couple of successful years, while others take extensive industry experience. Depending on the type of service, it could take decades to build the right clientele for the job. Leland Fondow, an independent financial advisor that left Fidelity after 21 years of work, held 25 years of industry experience on his belt before he made the decisions to detach from the corporate path and make it on his own.