Sharing With the Community

Founded in 1969 Pine St. in has been an incredible charity group that has served more than 1600 homeless individuals daily to better assist them in becoming independent and into their own home. Pine Street Inn started almost 4 decades ago with the mission of helping the homeless find shelter and meet the goals of finding a stable lifestyle through employment and self-sufficiency. At first they treated a great deal of men that were suffering from alcoholism and introducing them to sobriety and employment offers to help them reestablish their path in life. The charity group has now expanded to serve and help over 1600 men and women each day. The program strives to help all who are included to make permanent housing and employment reality. The foundation has become a major contributor to assisting many in Boston and surrounding areas. The program has incorporated various ways to assist in their mission to help others. Besides just having housing and shelter, there is job training and placement. This has been a very successful way for many to be accepted by local businesses for a chance to be employed by giving proper training within their own facilities. There’s the food services program which is self-sustaining the meals for everybody in the program. Building maintenance and training where facilities are maintained through the trainees themselves. Pine Street in does has its charity fundraisers from time to time. Leland Fondow donates monthly and is proud of the work they do for their city.